Admission Process begins on

10th Feb 2019

Academic Session begins on

1st April, 2019

Monthly test for कक्षा es III-X at Vidyalaya level

1st April 2019 to 31st Aug 2019

Distribution of Student Diaries

1st week of April 2019

Investiture Ceremony for School Pupils committee

April 2019

Pratham Sopan Testing Camp for Pravesh Scouts & Guides & Dwitiya Charan Testing for old registered Cubs & Bulbuls

April 2019

KVS National Science Exhibition

April 2019

Collection of Fee for the first quarter

1st to 15th of April 2019

School Readiness Programme for कक्षा  I

April 2019

Collection of articles for Vidyalaya Patrika

April 2019 to June 2019

Vidyalaya Level Sports

April 2019 to Oct 2019

Summer Vacations

4th May 2019 to 22nd June 2019

Adventure Activities

May 2019

Collection of Fee for the second quarter

1st to 15th of July 2019

Social Science Exhibition KV/Cluster Level

July 2019

Science Exhibition KV Level/Cluster Level

July 2019



Monthly test X and XII at Vidyalaya Level

One subject every Mon in July 2019

Completion of publication of Vidyalaya Patrika and send copy to RO latest by

31st July, 2019

Inter K V Tournaments and identification of Winner Teams Phase I

July & August, 2019

Conduct of Regional Sports Meet

July & August 2019

Re-Registration and New-Registration of Scouts & Guides

August 2019

Investiture Ceremony for newly recruited Scouts & Guides

August 2019

Junior Science Olympiad

1st Sunday of Aug 2019

PTA meeting

10th August 2019

Identification of Bright, Average and Weak students and remedial teaching work starts

10th August, 2019

Students And Teachers health check up

August, 2019

Inter K V Tournaments and identification of Winner Teams Phase II

August, 2019

Science Exhibition at Regional Level

August 2019

Social Science Exhibition at Regional Level

August 2019

Formation of Regional Contingent for KVS National Games

August & Sept, 2019

Periodic TEST-1 for कक्षा es III-XI at Vidyalaya level

August & Sept, 2019

Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp

September 2019

Hindi Diwas

14th Sept 2019

Complete Result of Periodic test-1 issue of Progress Cards for 1st Term / Parents signature complete (Open Day)

30th Sept, 2019

Result Analysis & review of progress of slow, average, bright students

30th Sept, 2019

Completion of first term for कक्षा es III to X

30th Sept 2019

School Excursion

Oct 2019 to Feb 2019

Grand Parents Day

1st week of Oct 2019

Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp

October 2019

Collection of Fee for the third quarter

1st to 15th of Oct 2019

Periodic test II  for कक्षा es III-X at Vidyalaya Level

1st Oct 2019 to 31.10.2019

Autumn Break (Puja Holidays)

13.10.2019 to 22.10.2019

Remedial teaching & conduct of कक्षा es for slow Learners

13.10.2019 to 22.10.2019

PTA General Body meeting

4th Sat of Oct.2019

KVS National Games

11th Oct. to 20th Oct. 2019

Annual Sports Day at Vidyalaya level to be completed before

31st of Oct. 2019

Celebration of Vigilance week

1st week of Nov 2019

Dwitiya Sopan Training Camp

November, 2019

Flag Day

7th November 2019

Bal Diwas & Cluster Level CMP activities for Primary Children

November 2019

Remedial Teaching for कक्षा  IX & X

Nov 2019 to Feb 2019

Periodic test III/Half Yearly exam for III-X at Vidyalaya Level

One subject every Mon in Dec 2019 & Jan 2019

KVS Foundation Day

15th Dec 2019

Camp Fire, Petrol Leaders Camp & Dwitiya Charan Testing for newly registered Cubs & Bulbuls

December 2019

Celebration of Annual Day

Before 22nd Dec 2019

Closing Ceremony of Golden Jubilee Year

31st Dec 2019

Rashtrapati Puraskar Testing Camp & Tritiya Charan Testing for registered Cubs & Bulbuls

Dec 2019 / Jan 2019

Winter Break

22nd Dec. 16 to 1st Jan 2020

Students and Teachers health check up

Feb. 2020

Collection of assessment data by CBSE for कक्षा  X students

Feb 2020 to April 2020

Thinking Day

22nd Feb 2020

Board Conducted SEE कक्षा  X

Starts from 1st of Mar 2020

SEE for कक्षा es III to IX /  कक्षा  X

2nd Week of March, 2020

Declaration of Result कक्षा es III to IX (Vidyalaya level)

28st March, 2020

KVS National Science Exhibition

April 2020